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Ecosystem based on GWC Blockchain

First a new take on the NFT trading market, with real life applications. Giving the community a brand new set of tools to make sure that the digital connects with the physical in brand new ways. Within the GWC blockchain we will be able to ensure the trademark upon registration of those items and proof of ownership between users and their trade.

Second a incorporation of a well established market of consumer items with a great value associated with them. On the pace with the first ideia, we will create a system that allows sellers, buyers or producers of those items to make unique NFT of those items that go hand in hand with the aforementioned trade. Being those items of great value, using the same technology within the GWC blockchain, the holders of those NFT/ Items can make proof of ownership with QR codes in the physical world. Being that the physical objects cannot be recreated we will be able to ensure that the proof stays true.

business partners

Digital solution developers tailored to any needs to make your life easier. We are software engineers focused on finding solutions, creative and versatile digital designers and strategic marketeers in finding results.

Team of Founders
  • Miguel Vasques
    Chief on command of Tech I&D

    Miguel loves new challenges both in management and in creation. At GWC, he focuses on developing new ideas and concepts to ensure the company's innovation, with a keen eye to search for brand new solutions for old problems we face on a daily basis. He makes use of a multifaceted skill set to ensure that new ideas are always up to standard with the needs of the community.

  • Valter F. Machado
    Governance & Compliance

    VFM is confident the future is upon us now and the (r)evolution of normality is through the digital. Never before humanity were able to achieve so much and improve themselves, with that belief in mind VFM is working so make sure the future-now would be a better place for us all.
    Proactive and dynamic, VFM is always available for new experiences and adventures, while always learning to be able to give something more to each project he joins. He makes sure the team, as parts of a whole, provides the best products and services to all the stakeholders.

  • Vitor Vasques
    Head-Strategic & Investors Relationship

    With decades of experience on detailing new strategies for multiple companies, Vitor can encompass the great views that GWC aims for.
    Innovation, Persistence and Delivery are the basis of the work and planning that he does.
    Great interpersonal skills allow him to assess the needs and wants of new investors and
    meet them on point.

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